Improving Code Contributions

If you have been dowloanding code from the mercurial repos, you would have notice some spooky coincidences… most package MCLs update all at the same time!

Well you can relax, our repos are not posses. This is the result of Nokia’s package owners delivering contributions to our repos in a centralised manner.As you can imagine delivering updates to over 30 million lines of code every other week is a rather complexed operation.

We have been Working with Nokia to improve the contribution channel to make it reliable (we now consistently recieve contributions every 2 weeks). We are now moving towards the next big step, an automated package-base publishing system. You can now see the first live pilot on the access security package repo. Continue reading “Improving Code Contributions”

Update on the Bug Squad

One month on..

It is a month(ish) already since we started the Bug Squad (call to join the team through the Symbian Developer Forums).  I am pretty pleased with the participation so far and also with how much the Symbian team is learning from this programme.

I think the participation numbers tell an insightful story: The forum entry received 1,087 reads and we twittered our mailing list link to +1K followers. This resulted in 45 people subscribed to the mailing list (including about 5 symbian staff) .  Since then , 7 squad members have scored points for contributing to the bug squad efforts. Continue reading “Update on the Bug Squad”

Contributions: 130+ fixes and counting!

Trolling through Bugtracker this week , I was surprise to find out how many fixes are currently in the contributions pipeline.

I have been looking at tracking the large amount of defect fixes DoCoMo has contributed to S^2 (30+). Chris Dudding , the Package Owner for Persistent Data Services has been blogging about it.

I knew part of the pipeline, but I was pleasently surprise to see that the community elsewhere has been keeping busy.  A large part of the S^3 proposed enhancements comes from the Freedom Fighters project, that is focusing on compiling the Symbian platform using open source tools (namely GCCE). Peter Fordham is doing a great job in this initiative with more than 30 fixes under his belt.

From the BUG SQUAD part, we have already had our first patch integrated to the MCL, and anouther one in the pipeline.

Now the challenge for us is to improve the turn around time on feedback and integration of proposed contributions – (as the Zohan would say) So lets go!

PDK3.0.h Looking Good

PDK3.0.h is the latest version of the PDK published on the Symbian developer site. Here is a walk through some of the new release features that you can now play with.  This is pretty much still  “under” development so you canparticipate and make it better.

As mentioned on the video, we have running our first Test Day on the Symbian^3 Homescreen during 3 session on 29th March. If you are interested on participating, check the Bug Squad page.

#Symbiangives … Over 40 million lines of code

You have possibly seen the #symbiangives campaign… so what have we really given to the community by going open source?

According to Ohloh, we are giving over 40 Million lines of code between the platform and the development environment!

Ohloh estimates that the actual platform equals to 1,928 years of development effort… and here is the split of languages used in the platform:

Some of you may find interesting that the platform includes 13M lines of XML and some  ADA, Lisp and a bit of AWK,  so there is something for everyone! Continue reading “#Symbiangives … Over 40 million lines of code”

Symbian^3 Goes Open Source and The Hardening Phase

Yeeeeeay, we are now open! But what does it mean? Will we see any difference? that depends on you..

Today’s annoucement removes the legal barriers for the community at large to contribute. The EPL license open the code to all, and the new IP policy allows individuals to contribute to the platform.

And there is plenty of opportunity to get started. Symbian^3 is now inching toward Feature Completion (FC), which means that it is still evolving and open to code churn. Very soon the bug hunting season will open! Will you join us? The Opening of the platform is all about you getting involved.

I would like to see an active community working together to harden Symbian^3. We need your help! Get started by:

If you are a seasoned Symbian Jedi , you might want to check out Wild Ducks

Look forward to hear from you!

Playing with GIMP

I have been playing with GIMP over the weekend. I had heard horror stories about its user interface that had put me off from installing it. Thankfully I gathered some courage and finally got around doing it this weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised with it. Spent about 3 hours playing with a scanned pencil and ink draw that I had done.  It took me some time to get my head around the menu, mainly trying to find what I was looking for… but I got there at the end.  I was really impressed with how much you could actually do with it.

Here is the guinea pig (click on the image to enlarge).

So, once I mastered that – I closed the computer! later that weekend I got drawing a new duck. I decided from the outset to add some light effects, that plus the colour enhancements took me under 30 min (including setting up my crappy scanner)… which I though it was pretty good.

This time I was struggling to insert a spot light. The advantage of GIMP (as many open source projects) is the community that has been build around it. After running some searches in Google,  I found several blogs and howto materials that guided me through what I wanted to achieve. Again here is the result:

All and all, I highly recommend GIMP. You can not beat the value for money! yes, it is  a bit quirky but that is part of the fun …