[Ubuntu QML] Importing Google Contacts

I have a lot of contacts in my phone… I am sure you will have more, but syncing over 500 contacts to Ubuntu phone using the command line for Syncevolution gets tedious.

So I wrote a little QML app to do the trick for you. Unfortunately, to run a system command the application has to run unconfined, so I have not yet submitted it to the store.

But if you want to install it yourself it is pretty simple:

  1. Download this file
  2. push the downloaded file to your phone, like so: adb push com.ubuntu.developer.vtuson.contactsimporter_0.9_armhf.click /home/phablet
  3. then run this to install it: adb shell “sudo -u phablet pkcon -p install-local  /home/phablet/com.ubuntu.developer.vtuson.contactsimporter_0.9_armhf.click”

You should be good to use it now, the app looks like this: (and if you want to check out the code is here)



8 Responses to [Ubuntu QML] Importing Google Contacts

  1. Shuduo says:

    I used it to import contacts from a gmail account and it looks good. then I tried to do it again with another gmail account with many contacts (>500). It showed import success but the contact list is still from previous. Even I did it again after I removed all exist contacts, it still show contacts from first gmail account.

    • Victor Palau says:


      I am not sure what will be happening for that.. but multiple accounts can be a mess.



      • Shuduo says:

        OK. I reinstall it then import my contacts again. It works great. 🙂
        Actually I can’t uninstall it since click unregister does not work so I reflash whole system then install importer again.

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  4. Dimy says:


    I’ve instaled the app today because I needed to update my Google Contacts on server and I have checked the merge case but is not working 😦 I receive the following error after 3 minutes: “sync error”.

  5. elopio says:

    Awesome, thank you!
    Shouldn’t this be part of the contacts core app? It would be a lot nicer as a feature there, taking the gmail credentials from the accounts settings, .

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