What Phone To Buy Next?

I don’t believe I am saying this, but I am no longer interested on the phone industry.. The thing is that I have been paying attention to the gadget news all this year and  I am pretty interested on the new kindle’s, however I have not been interested on phones now for long time.

Android has managed to make the phone industry boring. All the phones look the same, they run the same apps, they run the same services..YAWN! Do you feel the same way? The problem to me is that 1-2 years ago a phone was the only tech item that you really needed to access all services and do anything you could possibly want.

Since then, thanks to tablets and e-readers amongst other the phone is no longer the ultimate convergence device. I am back to carrying multiple gadgets and a never-ending battery charging nightmare. Can someone invent the evolution on computing devices? please..

So, this week Apple is launching the Iphone 5 – will see…


11 Responses to What Phone To Buy Next?

  1. Zash says:

    Have you considered a N9 or N900?

  2. Leonel says:

    An Ubuntu Phone would be great don’t you think ?

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  4. Martin Pitt says:

    I actually think of it quite the other way around. When my old trusty HTC G1 broke, I knew that I could just pick any other android phone according to the hardware specs I liked (hardware slider keyboard, size, etc.), and still be able to run the stuff I want/need.

    In the old days it was a nightmare to get your data from one phone to the next. I still remember spending hours on typing my phone book into the new one, or fiddling with multisync to get some one-way synchronization, etc.

    • Victor Palau says:

      You are completely right. The current phone market is much more simple for users just to pick a phone and “carry on”. My point is that it has become a commodity and no longer something to get excited about it.

      If my phone breaks tomorrow, I would most likely get another Android phone for exactly the same reasons that you listed, but the experience would be like driving to the garage to get the car fix than walking into a sweet shop 😉

  5. ssam says:

    if you like hacking you might want to look at the openmoko GTA04.

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  7. gebi says:

    I just got an pre3 – and I’m very happy with it (WebOS is fantastic)
    Let’s hope the future will bring us a UBUNTU preinstalled on some tablets or ultralight (arm powered) netbooks.
    But I see that lot of remaining work needs to done to catch up.

  8. Sachin says:

    Lets move from touch screen to sixth Sense. Lets create a commercially possible platform, which
    we can fit in our body, with little operation, which directly take input from mind, and direct the visual stuff into our eyes. 🙂
    and the endless possibility of sensors which are based on nano technology.

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