2010 will bring great things for the Nokia 5230

I am just back from my holidays back home in Barcelona and I wanted to share with you what I think are very good signs for the new Symbian^1  Nokia 5230.

If you watch TV during the Xmas period, you will have noticed that over the last decades adverts for mobile phones seem to have overtaken those for perfumes and toys.

It seems that Vodafone and Telefonica have gone into a  price-plan tug of war,  offering cheap tariffs all over the place. The “Planazo” from Movistar (a Telefonica company) seems to be everywhere on TV in Spain.

What I found surprising is that their star handset to launch the Xmas season (from both Telefonica and Vodafone) is the Nokia 5230.

Near my flat in Barcelona, the streets seem to be wallpapered with 5230 pictures, with the only difference between them being the red (Vodafone) and blue (Telefonica) background themes.

While the 5230 is not an iPhone killer, at 140 euros “unlocked” or FREE with a 9,95 Euros monthly price plan, it seems poised to be the iPhone of the masses!

The Nokia 5230 is a touch screen decently equipped Symbian platform device. If it has inherit the learnings from the 5800 and N97 series, this could be a great little device.  Here is a review from Petra Soderling:


One Response to 2010 will bring great things for the Nokia 5230

  1. nokia 5230 says:

    It’s a killer smart phone..2010 brought cheap, well functioned phone like nokia 5230 which can be compared to expensive nokia 5800

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