Symbian^3 – the proof that something is happening!

We have recently released the Symbian^3 snapshot quality metrics for December.  We have included a comparison between the functionally complete Symbian^2 baseline (PDK2.0.0) and the first Symbian^3 (PDK3.0.a).  I was expecting these two versions to be significantly different, and here are the results per Technology domain:

Codechrun metrics between PDK2.0.0 and PDK3.0.a at technology domain level

The overall change reflected by the metrics is lots of activity in the UI domain – UIaccelerator, Graphics and Homescreen seem to have the larger churn.

Hope this makes it clear that Symbina^3 is a substantial upgrade with respect Symbian^2.  I will keep you post it on further progress.


2 Responses to Symbian^3 – the proof that something is happening!

  1. Antony says:

    Thanks Victor. Always great to see data rather than empty claims of “huge improvements”. So now I’m really expecting to see something fantastic in the UI of Symbian^3 devices. Please keep the data coming, I wish other mobile platforms would give this kind of data.

    BTW — I’m surprised at the small amount of tools code (and code churn) given the improvements in the ADT 1.4. I’m guessing that the Carbide (and some other) code is kept in a different codeline and so not included here?

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